Cesena, Italy
Multifamily building with 9 residential units

The project included the realization of a residential building inside an unbuilt lot, unreached by public services (like roads, illumination, sewages, etc…) There is an area of considerable dimensions to manage; inside this area it has been necessary to organize, with the help of the Public Administration, the whole public works system that would service the building:

the access road to the building races along two sides of the perimeter of the lot, conducting the cars to the area predisposed to open parking lot, and an ample green zone faces the residences. The building has an underground parking lot and develops out from ground level onto three levels of eight apartments, fairly divided on the first two floors and one apartment with garret.

Beyond the function of the building, the project is focused on bringing the architectural quality and refuse to recognize the reassuring and anonymous form of the surrounding buildings.

The classical and consolidate residential functions of the apartments can be found in its ‘box’ like volume.

Through design research, it “comes to life”, especially when rotating its most representative face with an axe parallel to the ground.

Cleanliness and compactness of the prospects are the aims always pursued and happily reached through the use of a simple and direct language. It is particularly evident in the formulation of the principal prospects: ample balconies extend themselves along the front whole length. However, a single graphic sign coordinates the complexity of the openings’ elevation, synthesizing the individual elements into a unique dominant motif.